MedPoint Point of Care Software


As the global leader in health care ergonomics, Humanscale creates products that maximize caregiver comfort, allowing for the best delivery of care possible. Their TouchPoint Mobile Technology carts allow the caregivers to be mobile with their computer while working comfortably and saving time.

This is why the MedPoint software that powers these carts needed to help reduce the risk of errors, improve efficiency of care and most importantly, ensure patient safety.


Our team went to work on identifying and addressing the needs, wants, and limitations of caregivers while focusing extensively on the related user stories and use cases surrounding patient care, comfort and safety.

We asked question like: How bright should the signature of the monitor be while attending to patients while they sleep? How do we promote the patient’s comfort while addressing the accessibility needs of a fatigued health care professional during a 12 hour shift?

As a result we delivered a clean, reliable and frictionless user experience and user interface that ensured both health care providers and patients experienced safety and comfort while reducing errors and increasing efficiency.


  • UX Design
  • Information Architecture
  • UI Design
  • UI Specifications
  • Touch Interface UI design
  • Icon System Design