Klique Mobile Application Website Design


Klique is the first social app 100% dedicated to perfecting the group social experience. Users can share photos, chat, and send picture messages as a group.  Like most startups, the key ingredient to making the application launch successful was to get users to download it and use it.

While most entrepreneurs think their app will be the next hot piece of technology, the team at Klique understood the challenge. They needed to build a site that effectively explained what Klique is, what it does and why you need it, without interfering with download conversions.


Our solution was to implement an effective sales funnel architecture and engaging website design. We struck the delicate balance of communicating Klique’s unique story and value proposition while keeping the call to action visible at all times. We delivered on communicating the who, what and why within seconds of landing on the homepage for both iOS and Android users.

The result was an effective landing page funnel powered by a robust CMS that allowed content editors to swap images and edit messaging on the fly in order to find the sweet spot for conversion.

  • Information Architecture
  • Website Design
  • Responsive Front End Development
  • Content Management System Implementation
  • Custom plugin Integration