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From Startup To Stand Out: Helping NYC Entrepreneurs Fight a Brand Identity Crisis

New York City has long been a hub of creativity, historically driven by the art scenes of Broadway, the MoMA, Radio City and the like. The city’s creative energy now shares center stage with entrepreneurial startups on the move from tech incubators like the San Francisco Bay area. Venture capital is following the lead with a 34 percent raise in NYC-based startup funding from 2007 to 2011, compared to a 7 percent decline in funding for Silicon Valley startups.

What does this shift mean for NYC startups? Being a part of the creative, incubator environment of NYC has both advantages and challenges for entrepreneurs. Finding a way to leverage the advantages and manage the challenges is where entrepreneurial spirit truly comes into play.

While the location and collaborative environment may help incubate ideas, generate contacts and build resources, NYC startups also exist in a hotbed of ideas, often crossing over one another causing duplication or confusion. Communicating the who, what and why of a startup is essential to clarifying identity and intent.

Setting your business apart from the rest is an immediate necessity. Just as a startup ignites from the energy of its entrepreneurs, so too does a startup survive and thrive on the lasting energy of its brand.

Specific to NYC startups looking to stand out from the rest, the process of branding may seem overwhelming and end up secondary in daily operations. Among tech startups, the knowledge of programming requires paired support from the business brand and identity. Core knowledge needs brand support as soon as the business idea is conceptualized.

Working with both startup and corporate clients, the Pons Creative Group believes in the power of visual perception and recognition through branding and interactive services. We help realize long term branding strategies for NYC startups and beyond. Contact us to help your startup stand out.


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