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The 5 Ws of a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy

There is a major surge of new businesses springing up on the Internet. Many new to the game and others finally putting their business on display. What many businesses are finding out is that in order to build the brand and boost their business they need to learn the art of social marketing. Social Marketing is important to businesses new, old, large and small. If you don’t know what you are doing you can be left in the dark and lose out on a lot of profit, customers and your business.

Believe it or not, not many businesses are taking advantage of social marketing. Not that they aren’t aware, they just don’t know how. So here are the 5 W’s to successful social marketing that will help take your brand global.


Who are you trying to reach? When you start your business and try to build your brand, you must have a target audience in mind. So whom are you trying to attract. What customers do you want to flock to your websites and buy your products or services? When your company does social marketing for your business it gives you the power to reach potential customers from all over the world and gets your brand and business out to the masses.


What do you want your customers and the social world to know about your company? Once you put your website online and start building profiles on social platforms, you need to decide what you are trying to say. When you are online you have the power to control your information. So it is important to outline what goals you want to achieve through social marketing. What benefits do you have to offer your customers that they can’t find anywhere else and is the message you are trying to convey relative to them. When talking about your business it is best that you talk about aspects of the company that will get customers engaged. Spell out exactly what your company is about and what you stand for. Once the “what” is out of the way you can move on to “where”.


When do you engage in social marketing? The answer isn’t complicated; it isn’t just enough to get online but to have the right tools at the right time. When you jump the gun you can lose the interest of your audience and not knowing when to pull the trigger on promotional marketing can damage your brand instead of helping it. Social marketing is promoting downstream interactions to incite viral excitement for your campaigns. When you have the right resources you can utilize them, such as knowing where to have promotional posts and where to put sponsored stories. Advertising and media campaigns are essential to conversion optimization for your business increasing visitors and turning them into customers.


Where do you want to reach customers? In social marketing you have power to engage an audience virtually anywhere. When building your brand it is important to go where the people are. The people are on the four major social platforms including, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and surprisingly YouTube. It is important to understand how they operate and be able to utilize its tools to get your brand out. By engaging with the customers and spreading your business, you peak interest in your company. Once you have the customer’s interest you continue to work at building customer relationships to foster brand loyalty and a customer base. Be sure to start with your own website for social marketing because once that is in order, customers you acquire from these platforms will follow to your website and that is where you close the deal.


Lastly is the why. Why else, it is free, essential for small businesses, but open towards any business. Once you put your business online it is only smart to engage in some form of social marketing, whether it be flocking to social platforms, running marketing campaigns or just putting up advertisements on search engines. Social Marketing is very important to the success of your company. Once a good social marketing plan is in place you can experience results that will bear fruit to successful brand awareness and profits.

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