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4 Essential Tips For Effective Logo Design

A well designed logo is a powerful tool in any strategic marketing plan.  It’s your face to the world and your customer’s first impression. Designing a visual representation of your company involves more than just creative graphic design.  Consider the following top four tips for great logo design.

1. Think about your audience.

Trendy designs or cutting edge graphics might create an eye-catching logo. However, what if your target audience is an older crowd? The text may be difficult to read or they may not understand your innuendo. Conversely, if you are targeting a young, tech savvy audience, a cutting-edge design or trendy new font might be perfect.  Think about whom you are trying to attract with your logo. Remember you are most likely targeting an average crowd not necessarily people with an eye for art.

2. Go through a recognition test.

The objective of a logo is brand recognition.  Your customers should be able to instantly think of your brand when they see your logo. Good examples are Coca-Cola or Nike. These brands are recognizable whether they are large, small, upside down, inverted or in any other direction.  Yours should be too. Your logo may not always be viewed head-on, such as in an ad or on a billboard. It may not always be viewed in color. Look at your design in grayscale or black and white to be sure it is recognizable. Is the logo still recognizable when scaled down for letterhead or envelopes?

3. Keep it simple.

Again, look at great examples. Nike and Coca-Cola are extremely simple. That’s why they are effective. Once you have a design you like, try simplifying it even more. Is text really needed? If so, do you need to use more than one font? Can you stick with basic color combinations? Can your company name be abbreviated? Can you leave “Inc.” out if that is part of your name? Leave out all unnecessary details. Additionally, take it easy on the special effects.  Design software is filled with fun filters and special effects. However, logo design might not be the best use for them.

4. Get Help.

You may be an expert business owner. However, there’s no shame in lacking marketing skills. Even if you have some marketing experience, getting a fresh design from a third party can really set your logo apart from your competitors.

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