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5 Things Successful Brands Never Do On Twitter

Twitter is one of the most dynamic websites out there and you can’t go more than a few minutes without hearing what someone “tweeted” or the phrase “hashtag.”  So here is quick guide of what not to do when it comes to Twitter.

The Don’t Assume It Won’t Work for Your Business.

It’s easy to look at Twitter as a massive and confusing sea of “OMG” “LOL” “BBQ” and other acronyms that make your head swim.  But Twitter is also the place for immediate customer contact; your business sends out a tweet about a new service and it instantly goes out to all your followers.  Faster than e-mail and it doesn’t get caught in a filter.

They Don’t Use Twitter to Just Drive Traffic to Their Website.

If all you do is use Twitter to say “Hey, look at this thing we do on our website,” your audience is going to be bored and will stop following you.  You can presume that if they follow you on Twitter, they know that you’re online.  Twitter is highly interactive and you can use that to hype new things about yourself or as a form of customer service.  Even just a “Yep, we’re looking into that” will do wonders for a tweeting customer.

They Wouldn’t Think of  Letting Just Anyone Manage Twitter Accounts. 

You may have an intern who says “Oh yeah, I tweet all the time; I have a ton of followers,” that doesn’t necessarily make them the right person for the job.  Whoever is handling your Twitter presence needs to be knowledgeable so that your followers will trust what you have to say.

They Know Better Than to Be Anonymous.

Despite having millions of users and millions upon millions of tweets a day, Twitter still feels like a very personal form of correspondence.  You may be tweeting to thousands of followers but to the customer it’s right at them.  So it will help your brand if you can associate a face or a personality to the Twitter account.  If you have a select group of people heading up your tweets, you may want to attach a picture to the account to let your followers know who is talking to them and listening.

At the very least develop a voice for your tweets.  Don’t be afraid to let your Twitter account have a bit of a personality.  Ultimately, customers are much more likely to follow someone that they like over some faceless machine.

They Move Fast.

Twitter is a very immediate medium.  If you wait too long in your responses to customers’ tweets, then followers will presume you don’t care and will quickly stop following. Remember, Twitter is big.  It’s big and it reaches millions of people, people who are waiting for you and your business.  It’s too big not to use and use well.

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