Heroic Labs Development Platform


Heroic Labs provides a cloud-based backend solution for game developers. After initial success with the launch of their MVP, they sought to enhance the experience by expanding the existing configuration dashboard to provide performance insights as well as control the live operations experience of running the game.

They came to us with a fantastic brand and marketing website, and what was missing was a platform that matched the brand’s promise. The result was that after effectively converting users, they were bumping into problems retaining those users while delivering on the features and functions of the platform.

We set out to put out the fire of lackluster user retention while using the redesign as an opportunity to introduce new features and scale for future releases. Their request was to get it all done in 8 weeks to meet their business objectives and goals.


We transformed the way we collaborate and maxed out the tools we were already using to accelerate the delivery of a redesigned product without sacrificing the quality we are committed to.

Along the way, we found ourselves working closely with the client to fully understand the features and functions that matter most to the users they were seeking to attract and retain. We leveraged MindMaps to efficiently gather data and strategically organize functional relationships, simultaneously providing context for the user experience design team and ensuring all stakeholders were on the same page.

Our team considered repetitive use as well as the different paths for game owners versus collaborators to deliver global UI design patterns that support complex data management. We dug into the gaps of the current experience and began to anticipate usability problems created by expanding the purpose and function of the platform.


  • UX Design Strategy
  • UX Prototyping
  • Product UI Design
  • Front-end Engineering