Scalyr Log Management Platform


Scalyr is a server log monitoring and analysis tool built for engineers. After initial success, they were ready to redesign the platform in response to existing customer feedback and what they saw was possible for the next generation of the interface.

They asked us to execute something modern and clean that would reflect their brand, and effectively deliver complex analytics and error handling tools. We also agreed to step up the “wow factor” with an interface that was visually appealing and easy on the eyes for the detailed and repetitive work engineers must undertake while managing server performance.

While undergoing the redesign, we staged the effort to support short-term user testing goals as well as long-term feature releases without jeopardizing current customer use and expectations. A tall order? Sure. But our team was up for the task.


The combination of factors listed above caused our team to communicate and collaborate in new ways. Within a few days, it became clear our old way of doing things would be insufficient to meet the requirements of the engagement. We stepped it up by including Slack in our client workflow, increasing the frequency and decreasing the duration of our meetings, and shifting our project management style to deliver screens in 24 – 48 hour cycles.

Our user experience team took a deep dive into the telemetry and logs, working side by side with the client to discover what was of primary importance to users and ensure the interface we designed would meet those needs while exceeding expectations.

In the end, the entire team was thrilled. The ongoing dialogue allowed us to uncover innovative solutions to deliver a platform aimed at complex data analysis without sacrificing best practices or ease of use.


  • UX Design Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • UX Prototyping
  • Product UI Design
  • Front-end Engineering